What is Carlie's Kindness Campaign?

My name is Carlie, and I’m 15, from the tiny town of Amity, OR. I started Carlie’s Kindness Campaign at 9 and we are now a 501(c)3 nonprofit! My mission is to change the world with kindness, because it doesn’t matter how old you are, you CAN make a difference! I choose projects that are close to my heart and enlist my community’s support to help spread kindness! Carlie’s Kindness Campaign has created an easy way for people to spread kindness, and actively participate in making the world a better place.  Because my organization helps with all kinds of issues and needs, each project is new and exciting, and draws people of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles to help me make each project happen!  My hope is that I inspire people to do good things for others, and to show them that when people come together to help, amazing things can happen.


Remembering 9/11


Today was a day that I'll never forget... I had the pleasure and honor to be joined by First Responders throughout Yamhill County, heroes that we see protect our communities every single day. They, along with supportive members of our community and Amity school district, filled the stands, to join me in paying tribute to the victims and heroes of the most horrific day in U.S. history.

2977 flags covered the football field, representing each person who died that day. I received sponsorship for 1086 of those flags, at $5 each, through so many compassionate donors - paired with the most generous donation I've ever received or could have even dreamed of from the NYC Police Benevolent Association, who represent 55,000 of New York's finest. Because of so many philanthropic, giving hearts, I have the absolute privilege of presenting Tunnel to Towers Foundation with a check of nearly $20,000 - in person in NYC later this month! This money will be used to pay off the mortgages of the families of fallen First Responders across the country.

A brave and courageous man named Stephen Siller was one of
many first responders that died on September 11th, and his memory lives on
through Tunnel to Towers. He once said, “While we have time, let us do
good.” Kindness is something that’s never wasted, so while we have the
time, do as much good as you can because I promise you, it will make this world a better place.

Thank you all for making today so special, for honoring and remembering what this day means, and for supporting my mission to spread kindness. While we have time, let us do good. God bless America, and God bless our brave community heroes!

You can watch the video from today a few posts down on my page, and be sure to like & follow!

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Help Spread Some Kindness

Your support and contributions will enable us to do more projects and spread more kindness!  Your tax-deductible donation will make a HUGE difference!  Thank you!  

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Latest News!

The Reagan Ranch, Santa Barbara


Although this wasn’t affiliated with Carlie’s Kindness Campaign, I just had to tell you about yet another adventure! One day after getting home from NYC, I headed to Santa Barbara for 5 days at the Reagan Ranch for a conference! It was incredible to see such amazing history so beautifully preserved... I learned so much, and even met President Reagan’s son, Michael! I'm super thankful to have such incredible opportunities like this!

#CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindIsCool #NonProfit #BeBes

New York - Day 3


This morning, bright and early, we joined the staff of Tunnel to Towers and headed to the starting line, in Brooklyn, of their 18th Annual Tunnel to Towers Foundation 5K! All branches of the Military, Wounded Warriors and Gold Star families were the first to start, followed by thousands of runners and walkers. I had the pleasure of meeting a Gold Star family, whose Husband/Dad was one of the Dallas, TX Police Officers killed in the horrific ambush in 2016. Their mortgage was paid off by Tunnel to Towers. We had a police escort, with members of the Siller family, to the finish line celebration. First Responders and members of the Military lined the street with photos of all fallen first responders. It was quite an incredible sight. At the finish line was a parade, food, music - a celebration to recognize those who are willing to sacrifice it all for their communities and this country. We even saw Rudy Giuliani and Joe Piscopo! I am so proud to have been a part of this, and so thankful to have had this opportunity of a lifetime! 

New York - Day 2



Tonight, at Elevated Acre, I had the privilege of presenting a check, in the amount of $19,430, to Mary Siller, the sister of fallen first responder Stephen Siller, who Tunnel to Towers Foundation was founded in memory of. The crowd was filled with families of fallen first responders, Wounded Warriors and Police & Fire departments that were as close as family. We were surrounded by heroes, and it was very awe inspiring. I am so grateful to everyone who contributed, large and small, to my Remembering 9/11 event - the reason I can hand this check to them today, so that they can continue to spread kindness to those in need. Tomorrow is another big day, so stay tuned!

#CarliesKindnessCampaign #TunnelToTowers NYC Police Benevolent Association #BeingKindIsCool #KindnessFanClub #NonProfit #SpreadingKindness #BeBest

New York - Day 1


NYC Police Benevolent Association. It was an absolute honor to meet Mr. Patrick Lynch, Union President, and Al O’Leary, Communications Director, to thank them in person for their generous donation to my Remembering 9/11 event! We took a tour of their offices, learned how they represent and take care of NYC’s finest, and heard their personal stories about being in the rubble and losing friends and family that tragic day. That cross is made of steel from WTC debris. Al took us to Bobby Van’s, a swanky & delicious steakhouse, that is INSIDE J.P. Morgan’s Vault (the door weighs 5 tons!). Afterwards, we walked by Federal Hall, where President George Washington held is Inaugural Address, and saw the grave of Alexander Hamilton! 

Amity Fire District 9/25



Tonight was really special for me... The volunteer firefighters of my town, Amity Fire District, asked me to join them for Drill Night! I was honored to have had so many of them join me for my Remembering 9/11 event. They gave me an official Amity Fire Department shirt and even gave me some spending money for my trip to New York City! Thank you so much, AFD! It will be a privilege to represent you in NYC! ❤️👨🏻‍🚒👩🏽‍🚒🇺🇸

#CarliesKindnessCampaign #FirstResponders #HometownHeroes #BeingKindIsCool #KindnessFanClub #NonProfit #SpreadingKindness #BeBest

McMinnville PD 9/23



Today I had the pleasure of treating McMinnville Police Department to a catered lunch! Because of a communication error (our fault), Mac PD didn't get an official invitation to my Remembering 9/11 event, and we wanted to be sure they know how much they are appreciated! The officers in the building at lunch time joined me, as well as some of the members of the McMinnville Fire Dept who weren't able to come on 9/11! There are PLENTY of leftovers for the afternoon and night shifts tonight! Special thanks to Bon Appetit at George Fox University for the delicious lunch!

#Remembering911 #BackTheBlue #FirstResponderAppreciation #CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindIsCool #NonProfit #SpreadingKindness #BeBest

Mac's Girlfriends 9/12


Tonight I had the opportunity to thank these lovely ladies, Mac's Girlfriends, a new philanthropic group that meets quarterly and chooses deserving, local organizations to give to! I was honored to be selected as their inaugural choice last quarter, and was able to present to them tonight at the beautiful Failla Wines Oregon, and explain what Carlie’s Kindness Campaign is all about! They’re looking for new members to join, so check them out! Thank you, Mac’s Girlfriends! 


Remembering 9/11



 Attn: KINDNESS FANS! Drum roll, please! I am SO proud to announce my latest project… REMEMBERING 9/11.

We have purchased 2977 American flags to be displayed on September 11th in honor of those we lost that day. Although I wasn’t even born yet, I want to bring people together so that we can remember and thank the brave heroes who fearlessly and selflessly gave their lives rescuing others after the horrific attack on our Country.

How can you help? You, or your business, can sponsor a flag (or many flags) for $5 each. The proceeds of this project will go to the Tunnel2Towers Fallen First Responder Home Program, which provides financial assistance to the families of law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency workers across the country, that have lost their lives under extraordinary circumstances in the line of duty. Listen to this – if we get sponsors for each and every flag, we have the potential to raise nearly $15,000!!!

Every Sponsor’s name will be tied to a flag for a ceremony with local first responder departments at the Amity High School Athletics Football Field at 9am.  We are so proud to have Amity Fire District and McMinnville Fire Dept join us, as well as more special guests awaiting confirmation!  A huge thank you to the Amity School District for allowing us to use their property for this!

How do you sponsor a flag? Visit my website: carlieskindnesscampaign.org, and you’ll see the Remembering 9/11 information with a “Sponsor a Flag” button, OR you can mail donations to Carlie’s Kindness Campaign, PO Box 607, Amity, OR 97101. You will be mailed a thank you letter, which will include my nonprofit Tax ID number.

With your help, we can bring people together to honor and support those who put their lives on the line every single day – and for just $5, we can make a difference in the lives of those who lost a hero. Please share and spread the word – and make sure to stay tuned for ceremony information! Thank you! 



PO BOX 607

AMITY, OR 97101

OASC Summer Camp 2019


Hey Kindness Fans! Carlie’s mom here... Off she goes on yet another adventure - her annual OASC (Oregon Association of Student Councils) Summer Camp - this time as a Board Member! A week of learning to be a better young leader, so that she can continue to inspire kids to act, serve, lead and of course, spread KINDNESS! If you have kiddos, or grandkids, you HAVE TO check out this amazing organization at oasc.org! Have fun, Carlie! We can’t wait to hear all about it!
#CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindIsCool #KindnessFanClub #NonProfit #SpreadingKindness #BeBest #SincePruSpirit #ActServeLead 

Home Sweet Home 7/27/19



I’m home...as of 1:30 this morning! #NatStuCo was a BLAST! 600 student leaders from across the country, learning how to serve our schools and communities better! I networked with so many kids from different states, and created long lasting friendships. I also got to add 5 new states to my list on my journey there and back! I am so grateful I had this opportunity to represent Oregon with OASC (Oregon Association of Student Councils) and am excited to put this new knowledge to use! THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this possible!

#CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindIsCool #KindnessFanClub #NonProfit #SpreadingKindness #BeBest #SincePruSpirit Connections Academy Oregon Connections Academy

#NatStuCo Pennsylvania 2019



Carlie & the OASC (Oregon Association of Student Councils) crew are headed to Philadelphia for #NatStuCo! 6 days of action packed leadership fun! Thank you to EVERYONE who purchased #BeingKindIsCool hoodies & donated so that this trip could be possible!! 💙

#CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindIsCool #KindnessFanClub #NonProfit #SpreadingKindness #BeBest #SincePruSpirit
Connections Academy Oregon Connections Academy

I Got My Permit!



Today I went to the DMV to take my Drivers Permit test (I PASSED! Yay! 🎉) and I had a celebrity sighting! Bethany from We Three was there too! She was just on America's Got Talent! She wished me luck, and IT WORKED! Permit = ✔️

#CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindIsCool #KindnessFanClub #NonProfit #SpreadingKindness #BeBest #SincePruSpirit #WeThree

Spreading Kindness 6/7/19



When someone in our community is in need, it’s an honor to help spread a little kindness their way! We were thrilled to be able to help them with their American Cancer Society Relay For Life shirts! Please keep Amber and her family in your hearts, and all who have to fight this battle! 💪🏼 💙

#CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindIsCool #KindnessFanClub #NonProfit #SpreadingKindness #BeBest #SincePruSpirit

Women of Yamhill County Magazine



This hits newsstands tomorrow - but we got a sneak peek tonight! I am so honored to be on the cover of the News-Register’s special section, Women of the Yamhill Valley 2019! As you can see, we had such a fun time during the photo shoot at Flag & Wire! I’m very proud to be featured with so many amazing women in my community!

#CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindIsCool #KindnessFanClub #NonProfit #SpreadingKindness #BeBest #SincePruSpirit #YamhillCounty Oregon Connections Academy Connections Academy OASC (Oregon Association of Student Councils)

National Honor Society President!



Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes yesterday! 💙 You made my day! I spent the beautiful, sunny day at my school’s end of year celebration, and was honored to be inducted into National Honor Society, serving as President! 15 is going to be an awesome year, and I can’t wait to spread more KINDNESS with YOU!

#CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindIsCool #KindnessFanClub #NonProfit #SpreadingKindness #BeBest #SincePruSpirit Connections Academy OASC (Oregon Association of Student Councils)

Peer Think Tank 4/29/19



What an awesome turnout for my OASC Carlie’s Kindness Campaign workshop! Young leaders from across the state “think tanking”, collaborating, and discussing ways to spread KINDNESS in their communities! We are all proof that it doesn’t matter how old you are, you CAN make a difference! I’m looking forward to working with these peers, to help them get started on their own projects!

#CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindIsCool #KindnessFanClub #NonProfit #SpreadingKindness #BeBest #SincePruSpirit Connections Academy Oregon Connections Academy

Spring Conference 2019



I’m here with some of my faves at the OASC (Oregon Association of Student Councils) Spring Conference, representing my Midwest Region schools and my school, Oregon Connections Academy! Yesterday, our Student Executive Council had board meetings and got everything ready for the 700 middle & high school leadership students that arrived today! Tomorrow I host a workshop to share my Carlie’s Kindness Campaign story, and hope to inspire kids to make a difference! More pics to come, but here’s a couple from the last 2 days! Tonight’s our big dance! The theme? Tacky Tourist! 🤣

#CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindIsCool #KindnessFanClub #NonProfit #SpreadingKindness #BeBest #SincePruSpirit Connections Academy

Latest News!

Joy Unicorns Podcast



Hey Kindness Fans! I have some cool news! Last week I was contacted by Mr. Calvert, a reporter with KOMO News in Seattle, to do a podcast interview for a new show promoting positive things that are happening in the news! It's called the Joy Unicorns Show, and we JUST recorded an episode that will drop NEXT TUESDAY! You can tune in on iTunes, Facebook & on their website https://joyunicorns.com/ I LOVE having opportunities like this, to be able to partner with awesome people that are #spreadingKINDNESS! Thank you, Joy Unicorns!

#CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindisCool #KindnessFanClub #NonProfit #BeBest #JoyUnicorns #Podcast

President’s Volunteer Service Award!



I love getting mail like this! This is my 8th year in a row to receive The President’s Volunteer Service Award! 🇺🇸 I’m always grateful to be recognized along side other kids from across this great Nation, helping make this world a better place!

#CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindIsCool #KindnessFanClub #NonProfit #SpreadingKindness #BeBest

State Representative Mike Nearman



I had a great meeting with State Representative Mike Nearman today at the Oregon State Capitol! We chatted about upcoming legislation, Carlie’s Kindness Campaign, and we even have some exciting things in the works! Stay tuned! Thanks, Mr. Nearman!

#CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindIsCool #KindnessFanClub #NonProfit #SpreadingKindness #BeBest

Special Olympics 2/23/19



Carlie’s Kindness Campaign is SO proud to sponsor Amity High School Athletics first ever Unified Basketball team! They are playing in the Special Olympics Oregon tournament today at Oregon State University! Good luck, Warriors! 💙

#CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindIsCool #KindnessFanClub #NonProfit #SpreadingKindness #BeBest #SincePruSpirit

Winter Energizer 2019



I had the opportunity to spend the long weekend at OASC (Oregon Association of Student Councils) Winter Energizer 2019 at Hillsboro High School, learning how to be a better leader for my student government and Carlie's Kindness Campaign! Every OASC event offers new and exciting workshops, teaches me a variety of skills, and allows me to gain experiences and relationships that will last a lifetime. I am so proud to be on their Student Executive Council, and can't wait for Spring Conference!

#CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindIsCool #KindnessFanClub #NonProfit #SpreadingKindness #BeBest #SincePruSpirit #work2bewell #ActServeLead

Being Kind is Cool 2/4/19



I LOVE starting off the week talking to kids about spreading KINDNESS! This morning I had the opportunity to do back to back assemblies for 600 kiddos at Swegle Elementary in Salem, kicking off their KINDNESS WEEK! These awesome students are coming up with great ways to be kind at school, at home, and in their community! Way to go Swegle Eagles!
#CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindIsCool #KindnessFanClub #NonProfit #SpreadingKindness #BeBest #SincePruSpirit

OASC (Oregon Association of Student Councils) The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards

Being Kind is Cool Assembly 1/29/19



Today I had the pleasure of speaking to an awesome group of kiddos at my old elementary school! They just started their KINDNESS WEEK and their quote of the day is “Carry out random acts of kindness with no expectation of award!” - Princess Diana. Great job, Amity Elementary!

#CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindIsCool #SpreadingKindness #KindnessFanClub #ActServeLead #BeBest #NonProfit #SincePruSpirit

Hi! How Are You?



KINDNESS FANS - I need your help! Tomorrow (January 22nd) is National "Hi, How Are You?" Day! Please wear GREEN to show your support for mental health awareness and starting the conversation! You never know who could use a little bit of kindness right now, so I encourage you to talk to as many people as possible and say "Hi, How Are You?" Post a picture wearing green to social media using #work2bewell #CarliesKindnessCampaign and challenge others! Whether it's just sending a text to a friend, or talking to a stranger at the grocery store, no act of kindness goes unnoticed!

#CarliesKindnessCampaign #BeingKindIsCool #SpreadingKindness #ActServeLead #BeBest #KindnessFanClub #NonProfit #SincePruSpirit #hihowareyou #icanhelp

Kindness Goes a Long Way


My Grandma & Grandpa went to Salem Hospital Emergency Department tonight to bring them some Christmas goodies from all of us, and to thank them for being there for people in need of care, instead of being home with their families tonight! My family has spent A LOT of time in hospitals, and it’s so comforting to have people like these hardworking, compassionate and KIND men & women overseeing your care! 

Secret Project!


This Christmas Eve morning’s super secret project was a success! We delivered breakfast & lunch to 8 fire stations in Salem (2 others we’re out on calls) and in Amity! I’m so grateful for these brave fire fighters, and thankful they are always ready for the call - even on Christmas. Please say a little prayer for all first responders and their families - they are real life heroes! 

KATU Everyday Hero


I’m so honored and excited to be this week’s KATU News #EverydayHero! It was so much fun to shoot! Here’s the article and video  segment! Keep spreading KINDNESS! 💙  


Play it Forward Toy Drive



The PLAY IT FORWARD Toy Drive, benefiting OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital, Shriners Hospitals for Children - Portland AND Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel! There are lots of sweet (but very sick) kiddos who had to spend the holidays in the hospital, and we were able to brighten their day! I delivered to each hospital on December 18th, and it was an incredible experience.  Thank you all for helping me spread kindness!

I’m SO excited to announce my latest project! The PLAY IT FORWARD Toy Drive, benefiting OHSU Doernbe

Delivery Day!

974 toys headed up to kids spending the holidays in the hospital, $5000+ worth, and countless smiles... We are so grateful to each and every person who made this possible! Stay tuned throughout the day for some amazing moments of kindness! I couldn’t do this without YOU, Kindness Fans! Big or small, your generosity will make a difference in the lives of kiddos who are fighting battles I can’t even imagine... 💙  


Making a Difference

When I was delivering toys to OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital today, I was so lucky to be able to meet a fellow Oregon Connections Academy 1st grader named Maddox, who actually lives pretty close to me! He’s fighting a rare form of cancer, but he was feeling up for a visit today! What an awesome guy, and such a fighter! I feel like I made a new little buddy today! 

Veterans Parade


We had the honor to walk in the McMinnville Veterans & First Responder Parade again this year! Celebrating and recognizing our Nation’s heroes, especially my Grandpa, a Vietnam Veteran. I was able to say few words at the ceremony, thanking them for their sacrifice, so that I can grow up in the greatest country in the world! A huge thank you to Mr. Mendoza, for inviting us to participate! God Bless America! 

Spreading Christmas Cheer


Bell Ringing at BiMart in McMinnville supporting The Salvation Army - McMinnville Corps with McMinnville Noon Kiwanis & Heather Acker Realtor!   

OASC Update!


 You’re looking at the 2018-2019 OASC (Oregon Association of Student Councils) Student Executive Council MidWest Representative! YAYYYYY!!! I want to thank all the schools for their support, and give a shout out to my competitor, Josh from Perrydale, who had a great campaign. I can’t wait to serve on behalf of my Region, and continue my work with OASC! Let’s CELEBRATE! 

Fall Conference


Well guys...I just spoke in front of 1600 people! WHOA! I only had 45 seconds, so I got “buzzed”, but what I wanted to end with was “I will give you a voice, a platform to stand up for KINDNESS, and encourage you to make this world a better place because WE are the FUTURE!” My workshop is tonight at 8:00, and I’m so excited! Thank you for your support, Kindness Fans! Wish me luck! 

Blanket Drive


I LOVE partnering with my favorite bank to spread KINDNESS! You can donate at any branch! Thanks, First Federal, Yamhill County

Play it Forward


Whoa! Two carts FULL, from babies to teens, thanks to some generous cash donations for #CarliesKindnessCampaign’s Play it Forward Toy Drive! We have some BIG news coming next week, so stay tuned...and keep those toys comin’! Thank you for your support! Drop off locations: Farmers Insurance - Larissa DeHart in Mac, Salem Tennis & Swim Club in Salem and Coldwell Banker Professional Group in Newberg!  



10/27/18 It’s campaign central around here! I am running forOASC (Oregon Association of Student Councils)Executive Council Midwest Representative, serving high schools in Marion, Polk, Lincoln, Linn, Lane & Benton Counties! Next weekend, I’ll head to Fall Conference in Seaside, where I’ll put on a workshop for my peers from across Oregon and give a speech to the 1000+ student audience of potential voters! 7 more days...I’m so excited! Wish me luck...and if you have any contacts for high schools in my possible rep area, put in a good word for me, please! Thank you for your support!  

Connections Academy


 8/7/18 Are you sitting down? Actually, stand up, so you can jump and scream! This morning I had a conference call with senior staff across the U.S. from Connections Academy (PR, Marketing, Legal, etc.) and I am HONORED to announce that I have been selected as the NATIONAL SPOKESPERSON for Connections Academy! NATIONAL!!! THIS is going to be an amazingly crazy adventure and I’m so grateful for this awesome opportunity, so stay tuned! 



 8/23/18 This is CRAZY and AMAZING! I just received a package...from the WHITE HOUSE! Inside was a letter from First Lady Melania Trump, on personal stationary with a raised gold seal and hand written signature! Two months ago, I sent her a letter about Carlie's Kindness Campaign, and how it aligns perfectly with the First Lady's #BeBest program. I never in a million years expected a response, and certainly not one from her personally! What an absolute honor... I'm still shaking. I'm so grateful! I can't wait to frame it!!!  

Imagine If with JIF


9/7/18  My custom Jif gift jar came today! "Carlie the Charity Champion"...I LOVE IT!! Thank you, Jif, for this amazing gift, for sharing my story, and for promoting & recognizing #kindness!  



 I had such an awesome time today at KATU News, with the lovely Debora Knapp on #KidsDoingGood! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to talk about my organization, and the importance of KINDNESS! Thank you for all the good luck texts, calls & messages! Being Kind IS Cool...and you guys are the COOLEST Kindness Fans!  

National Youth Activist Awards Nashville


 We had such an awesome evening at the #NationalYouthActivistAwards! ❤Although I didn't take home the grand prize, I am so honored to have been a finalist among such amazing peers, making a difference in this world! 🙌🏻The Red Carpet was so much fun 😎, and our dessert had flecks of gold on it! 😳 



10/17/18 I had the amazing opportunity to speak to the Newberg Noon Rotary at the Chehalem Cultural Center! My mission aligns so well with the work they do, and it was a pleasure to get to talk with them. I’m hoping to partner with these generous Rotarians on a future project! People are spreading kindness everywhere...and it’s so awesome to see! 

Diaper Drive


10/3/18  I absolutely love partnering with companies that love giving back to the community just as much as I do!  First Federal of Yamhill County was hosting a Diaper Drive for kids in need!

Our Military Kids


9/9/18  I am so proud and honored to be able to write this letter to Our Military Kids - and write the check, of course! To all of the #KindnessRocks5K participants, sponsors, helpers, donors and supporters...thank YOU! It’s because of you that I am able to send this. This money will allow Military children to enjoy doing the things they love, while their parent is serving our great Nation, or has come home wounded from defending it. I am so grateful to have such amazing support, spreading kindness to those in need. Stay tuned for my next project! 

Giving Back Podcast


4/23/18  GUESS WHAT!?! The Giving Back Podcast is UP!!! This was a super cool experience for me, to be interviewed all the way from California, and I'm really lucky to have connected with the awesome Mr. Lowe. Since this interview, he's introduced me to a number of people and companies, that can help my campaign grow! I was thrilled to be able to talk about, and show my gratitude to all of the amazing people and businesses that continue to support my mission to spread kindness! So, ladies and gentlemen...you can TUNE IN NOW! 

Highlights Magazine Article


2/9/18  My guest article for Highlights for Children is LIVE! I'd like to thank them (especially Ms. Barsotti) for this incredible opportunity - "published" at 13 years old - so cool! I hope to be able to partner with them again soon! 

Beach Cleanup


3/9/18  Carlie & her sister, Payton, joined a group from their school, Oregon Connections Academy, and Ocean Blue, a conservation organization, for a beach cleanup day at Nye Beach on the Oregon Coast this morning! Yes, that's blue sky you see! 🙌🏻 We can't wait to do it again! 

The 2nd Annual Kindness Rocks 5K

 Carlie's Kindness Campaign hosted the 2nd Annual Kindness Rocks 5K Family Fun Run & Walk! Sunday, July 22nd at Riverfront Park 100+ runners, walkers and crawlers joined us to benefit "Our Military Kids", an organization that provides support to the children of deployed military, as well as to the children of Wounded Warriors, with programs that nurture and sustain children while a parent is away in service to our country or recovering from injury.   Thanks to you, Carlie's Kindness Campaign was able to send a check for $3500!!!


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  • Carlie was honored to be named Oregon's 2017 Prudential Spirit of Community winner for the Middle School level in Washington D.C.!  
  • She was received the Daily Point of Light, Award  an organization started by George H.W. Bush, which recognizes “changemakers” across America.  
  • She  was  a finalist  in Nashville at the National Youth Activist Awards 2018!  

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